Voices of Hope Humanitarian Choir and Instrumentalists

Helping the Homeless in Our Community Through the Power of Music
Voices of Hope performing at Cathedral Basilica of Saint Joseph, San Jose, California in support of Cathedral Social Ministries


  • To raise funds and awareness for people under-served in our community including homeless, immigrants and refugees
  • To volunteer time and talent
  • To collaborate and partner with churches and charitable organizations




Henry Mollicone
As a commitment to social justice, San Francisco Bay Area composer Henry Mollicone assembled local musicians to give free community concerts to raise funds for homeless in our community. Voices of Hope (VOH) Humanitarian Choir and Instrumentalists, perform Mollicone’s powerful works including the Beatitude Mass: for the Homeless, Missa Brevis for the Refugees of War, and Misa de los Inmigrantes which make statements for social justice causes such as homelessness, immigration, and the plight of refugees.

From Serious Illness to Non-Profit

In 2016, Henry was diagnosed with a life-threatening disease. Coming to terms with a devastating illness, he contemplated next steps and asked himself what he wanted to accomplish with the rest of his life.

For many years Henry donated his time to the homeless programs and ministries at Cathedral Basilica of Saint Joseph’s in San Jose, California. In 2006 he composed Beatitude Mass asking the choirs who performed this work, to donate a portion of the concert proceeds to homelessness. The answer to his question of what to do with the rest of his life became clear. Create a way, through the power of music, to benefit organizations who provide services and support to the ever-increasing homeless population.

With the support of his friends, music directors Leroy Kromm and Barbara Day Turner, Henry formed Voices of Hope Humanitarian Choir and Instrumentalists with a vision to bring together volunteer musicians who believe they can make a difference.

A Message from Henry Mollicone

Hello Friends –

Voices of Hope (VoH), Humanitarian Choir and Instrumentalists is ready to continue the beautiful momentum that began in 2018 with free concerts to raise funds and awareness for people underserved in our local communities.

I’m delighted to share that I have just completed my latest work Requiem for George Floyd. The choir has received the score and for now we are virtually familiarizing ourselves with it. Our big hope is to return to rehearsals and live concerts featuring Requiem for George Floyd and other favorites in Winter ’22.

As we begin to put the logistics into place – we’d love to hear from you if you would like to collaborate as a church with performance space, are a non-profit organization focused on support services and programs or as a musician – a singer or instrumentalist – who would like to contribute your time and talent. There are many ways to be involved with VoH – please reach out.

I am so very proud of Voices of Hope and how through the Power of Music, we can make a meaningful difference.

Be Well and See You Soon.

In Appreciation,
– Henry

As we won’t be performing for the foreseeable future, please consider a donation to help our causes.
Thank you!

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